All that is lacking is a commitment to implement the required project. The FHC Preservation Trust has had regular but inconclusive meetings over several years with NHS PropCo in order to progress matters, and has also had encouraging discussions with the Heritage Lottery Fund regarding potential grant funding.

Additionally English Heritage/ Historic England has signalled its support for an informed restoration/ adaptation project that would remove the Centre from its Buildings-at-Risk list. Moreover there is a clear ongoing demand for such a healthcare facility in this part of the borough, which with anticipated housing development at nearby Mount Pleasant is only likely to intensify. In short, all factors point to the logic of investing in Finsbury Health Centre now, and to this end the Preservation Trust remains committed to contributing its expertise and assistance. 2018 will mark the 80th anniversary of the opening of Finsbury Health Centre and surely provides the ideal pretext to mobilise the necessary project. We urge all concerned to use their endeavours and influence to help bring this about. With such long overdue support Finsbury Health Centre can continue to serve its local community and stand – in the words of Lubetkin’s biographer – “as a working monument to British social policy at its most gloriously enlightened.”

Finsbury Health Centre Preservation Trust, November 2017